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The Reluctant Landlord

One of the unfortunate occurrences in our economy is what we refer to as the "reluctant landlord." This individual is a property owner that really would prefer to sell their home as opposed to rent it, however the current market will not allow them to do so.

We can help you with the evaluation as to whether or not holding the home as a rental is in your best interest.   By performing a thorough financial analysis, we can determine whether or not the rental return will be sufficient to cover enough of the expenses of carrying the investment.   We can also help you with the valuation of the property for sale, to determine the difference between what your home's current value is today versus what it needs to be to sell.  We can also help determine the approximate time it may require to hold the property to make up for any loss.

We represent many "reluctant landlords" in today's marketplace. We are well aware that their aim is to sell the property. Our expertise allows them to hold the property confidently and as profitably as possible, while trying to regain lost equity.

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